Largest Planned Furniture Factory in Latin America

54 thousand square meters manufacturing short feet produces 600 tons of products per day, manufacturing with shorter market demands from customers from all over Brazil and six countries.

Product Trends

Its environment following the latest world trends in design and decoration. The Todeschini Portfolio offers constant releases of elegant, sophisticated patterns, paintings, products and accessories.


    We celebrated for the 5th consecutive year the Top Mobile (2017) award, category Most Remembered Brand of Planned Furniture in the Brazilian market. A recognition of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Memorable launches

Identity Collection

Passionate like Brazil

Inspired by the Brazilian roots, the Identity Collection exalted multicultural Brazil, the miscegenation of races, cultures and colors that translate the country. The products and launches were inspired in all the regions for the references of names like Ouro Preto, Cerrado, Abadá and Jangada.

Top Marketing Awards ADVB / RS (2013)

Category Market Segment – Digital Communication: Identity Design in Brazilian’s Kitchen

Category National Industry: Brand Repositioning

Top Product Innovation Category – Identity Collection.

SER Collection

The house as stage of moments, where the stories are lived and shared. The SER Collection exalted the individual and his essence, celebrated the people and their Lifestyles. The launches brought the industrial aesthetics, contemporary and retro to the products, like the re-edition of the kitchen Lomo, launched in 1950 by Todeschini.

Top Marketing Award ADVB / RS – Product Innovation Category – Lomo Pattern (2015)

Brazilian Association of Marketing and Business (ABMN) – Institutional Category / Ser Collection (2015)


4 thousand color options to inspire your life. The custom furniture without imagination limits. LifeColors has ushered in a new phase in the Brazilian design chromatic market, where projects can be thought of in the color and tone you dreamed of.