The human being is changeable and in constant transformation. This uneasiness creates new habits and points out new trends related to living. The behaviors guide the market and the Youniverse Collection brings these trends to the brand's portfolio, presenting real life in three profiles drawn from the Todeschini releases.


Dynamic life brings new needs to the surface. Functionality is the word that describes the environments, with a design allied to the function and every detail thought to make the furniture versatile. Working, producing, dreaming, living. A house is a reflection of all these choices together, integrated.


Life together is the family's priority and the furniture is thought to accommodate everyone with comfort, prioritizing the moments together. Different ages and dreams find their safe harbor in their houses, where it is delightful to live the present and plan the future.


Houses as the result of so many achievements along life. Each detail valued with choices that reflect the elegance, sophistication and high standards of residents. Houses are large, with furniture that offers places to receive friends, children and to live new experiences.


Standards, finishes, accessories, versatile and multifunctional complements that go far beyond design, bring solutions that suit your home with authenticity. Visit the nearest Todeschini store and evolve your environment with the Youniverse Collection.