Legal Information

To clarify the objectives of the Todeschini communication channels on the Internet and the responsibilities that every user assumes when using them, the conditions are set:


The site Todeschini S.A. was developed to gather and disseminate brand information, such as products, campaigns, launches, applications and location of stores in Brazil and International Market, as well as reinforcing the positioning of the brand.

All content on this site is property of Todeschini S.A. and protected by worldwide copyright laws and trademarks. The user may use the contents only for personal use, not for commercial purposes.

Todeschini may at your purposes and at any time, change the form and contents as required, reiterating its commitment to keep the information updated and correct for its users. Todeschini is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the information available on the site.


The pages of Todeschini on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) were created as communication channels, relationships with our customers, partners and the market. The participation of the followers is very welcome and extremely important for Todeschini, however, it is important to highlight some of the main conductions:

It is allowed

– Like, comment and share everything and any content published by the page.

– Send a private message with more details about personal records.

It’s not allowed

– Disrespectful, defamatory and unfounded comments; pre-conceptual, racist or in some way discriminatory; repetitive and consecutive, identical or not, with respect to the same subject or by the same user; of commercial interest; or that constitute a violation to any normative act.

– The user who disrespects these rules may have his comment excluded, without prior notice or explanation, with the possibility of being off screened from the page.

Customer Support

Our Facebook service are from Monday to Friday. The questions will be answer as soon as possible. Comments and messages made on weekends and holidays will be answer the next business day.

You can also contact through the website on the Contact page or by e-mail

Privacy Policy

The user will be able to access the contents of the Todeschini website without needing to inform their personal records. For specific purposes, some information will be collected or must be informed by the user, as follows:

– The information of the users will be compiled in two ways: (1) provided by the user, in the pages Work with Us, Be a Partner, Talk to Us and Newsletter; (2) through cookies, which collect, anonymously, navigation information such as geographical location, web browser and duration of the visit.

– All information provided by users and collected by cookies are treated with the utmost confidentiality by Todeschini, being used, with the prior authorization of the user, ONLY for sending emails, clarifications of doubts, newsletters and publicity.

– The user can, at any time, cancel their registration and remove their information from our data server, through the cancellation link available in all the newsletters, as well as deactivate the cookies through their browser and avoid data collection.