Chosen for the 5th time as the most remembered brand of the segment

Differentials for your investment

Pioneering, innovation, strategy and high quality are differentials that mark the path of Todeschini, the largest furniture factory in Latin America. With almost eight decades of expertise, the brand remains competitive and respected in the market for the high standard of its products, customer satisfaction and strong store network.

Todeschini offers a portfolio that follows the latest trends in design, decoration and architecture worldwide, with exclusive launches that serve customers and brand specifiers with sophistication and design.

Security to grow

Part of a consolidated business group with companies in the following of furniture, livestock, reforestation and financial, Todeschini is a reference in the country for its strength, tradition, confidence and ability to honor its investors.

• Factory Plant of 54 thousand m² (580 thousand square feet)
• Production of 600 ton / day
• Certifications ISO 9001 and 14001 international
• High standard production machines
• Efficient logistics
• 150 stores in Brazil
• Stores in 6 countries