Economic, social and environmental responsibility as a condition for the permanent development of the company. Todeschini acts guided by guidelines that minimize the impacts of its activities on the environment, with integrated policies that aim to reduce the consumption of natural resources, waste, avoid pollution, promote sustainable development and ensure the maintenance of ISO 9001 certifications and 14001.

1st segment industry to achieve two
certifications in an integrated managment.

Ecologically correct industry

  • Rigid quality control with monitoring to reduce defects, rework, improving productivity, profitability, profitability and customer satisfaction.

  • Treatment system for industrial, sanitary and dining effluents.

  • Clean technologies project, which seeks to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

  • Daily monitoring of pollutant elements according to legal norms.

  • Selective recollection of waste, both in the factory and in the administrative department.

  • System of enclosure of the dust of the machines.

  • Participation and qualification of suppliers and partners.

  • Awareness programs addressed to employees, encouraging the same practices of the company.

  • Conferences on environmental awareness in schools in vicinas citie

  • Distribution of tree changes and donation of materials for recycling. tree seedling

More than 14 thousand
hectares of preserved trees.

Sustainability is part of the Todeschini DNA that has as its theme "to plant three new trees for each manufactured". Todeschini maintains a forest with more than 14 thousand hectares of trees, a number that makes the company self-sustainable for more than 30 years of furniture activity.


Just as Todeschini transforms the heart of the house(HOME), she believes that it can be transformative in the lives of children and adolescents in need, developing their citizenship and insertion in the community. The “Solitary Heart” project offers cultural workshops on dance, theater and singing, practical and theoretical activities, musical literacy through the Núcleo Orchestração and socio-familiar (SOCIO-FAMILY) and educational attention.